May 1, 2013

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Perfect just how God made him!

     There is no American medical organization that recommends routine male infant circumcision yet our society continues to subject our babies to this mutilation. Although many people believe there are medical reasons to circumcise, studi...

An enzyme, (ěn'zīm), as defined in The American Heritage Science Dictionary is: “Any one of numerous proteins produced in living cells that accelerate or catalyze the metabolic processes of an organism.  Enzymes are usually very selective in the molecules that they act...

"10 Positive Things I Gained From My Cesareans"

***I seriously MUST update this list soon. It's lovely to look back on.***

1)  I learned to fully trust my Husband! 

The first time I had to walk to the shower he took me. I felt so vulnerable and feeble.  He made...

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May 1, 2013

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September 9, 2011

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